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What is a Mastermind?

"Peer-Mentoring for Entrepreneurs & Executives"

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A Mastermind is a small group of 4-7 decision makers who meet regularly to discuss challenges, get feedback & new ideas, and hold each other accountable. 

Masterminds help their members grow - smarter, faster and happier.


"Max builds Masterminds that work."

"When I was thinking about joining, the Mastermind seemed like a big time commitment. But the group has been perfect! And there have been a few, specific takeaways from the Mastermind that had a HUGE impact on my last launch. The ROI is there..." 

- Brian Dean (Founder of

"Max brings together smart business owners​ and creates groups that learn from and motivate each other.​ ​"

- Jan Kutschera (Owner at The Reach Group GmbH )

Who is this FOR?

Entrepreneurs & Executives at an Inflection Point




Its time to try something DIFFERENT... This could be pivoting to a new strategy, ramping-up current efforts, or entering a new phase of growth

Whether you're a Solopreneur making the jump from consulting to products, a Founder balancing investor & market demands, or an Executive looking for peers to learn from - a Mastermind will help you grow smarter, faster and happier.

How We Match

Our Step-By-Step Process For Building ENERGIZING Masterminds

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Skype Interview to determine your needs.


Group Proposal

We send you a proposal for a Mastermind Group for your confirmation. If you don't like it, you get  a refund.


Kickoff Event

Online Virtual Kickoff!

Meet your group, schedule your meetings, and set your goals for the 3-month Mastermind

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100% Group Satisfaction Guarantee

"I launched my new product within the 1st month of my Mastermind"

"The kickoff helped me finally put a proper plan on paper, and within 4 weeks I'd had a successful upper 4-figure product launch. The creative and technical input was phenomenal, and being able to get advice from smart people outside of my direct industry helped me gain a lot of clarity."

- Heidi Lidholm (Business and Social Media Coach)

"I was worried it might be a Multi-Level-Marketing scheme!"

"Thankfully, it couldn't be farther from the truth. I have gotten so much value from my group, both in terms of applicable strategies, as well as the extra inspiration I need to take my businesses to the next level. Thanks Max!"

- Jeremy David Peters (Website Owner & Conversion Optimization Consultant)

Work Smarter. Not Harder. 

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"I met inspiring people and finished my book!"

"Since the Kickoff, I got a lot of things accomplished thanks to group accountability, and I’ve also met some really great people. The Mastermind concept really works!"

- Pauline Tonhauser (Founder of

"I was worried it would be a waste of time."

"Actually, it was the opposite. I feel like I'm doing something for me. I took much more time for strategy, got things done and found new friends.

The habit building and social accountability part is definitely striking. Also the feeling of being in a circle of people with similar work/life situations to mine is really motivating."

- Till Schrader (Owner of CHILICON IT)

Who We Are

​Maximilian H. Breckbill

Chief Connector

Max loves seeing Founders & Business Owners dream bigger and grow faster. After his first 5 experiences with Masterminds, he's a firm believer in the power of your social environment to jumpstart your motivation, learning & growth as business owner and entrepreneur.

When he's not puzzling over how to bring like-minded entrepreneurs together, you can find him at the local Crossfit gym, or jogging along Berlin's canals.


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